Maria + Luke Wedding Film

June 23, 2018

Kansas City, Missouri

The Story:

Luke had started a new job and Maria was totally job-less as she was just about to finish her masters degree in social work. Luke's friend, Abby had been on the lookout for him for a while for a girlfriend. Maria's friend Jessica had been on the lookout for her for about 5 years by this point. Without Luke and Maria knowing their friends, Jessica and Abby spoke one morning before church. Abby wished she could find "a normal, good girl for Luke" and Jessica said, "she might know someone." Fast forward a month later, Jessica reveals to Maria she may have someone to set her up with. Luke also told Abby he would agree to meet someone. One Saturday in March 2017, Luke and Maria met in the garage at Jessica’s. Luke was wearing gray jeans, gray shoes and a gray jacket, Yet somehow Maria only saw his green eyes and red hair. Maria also saw compassion, humor and a gentle spirit. The next day at church as Maria listened to Luke lead worship she knew she was in trouble. Later that day, Luke sent Maria a message on Facebook asking to take her to brunch. Luke and Maria had not dated anyone in 5 years. We both knew that the Lord would prepare us for our spouse if we only trusted and waited on Him. We both knew what we deserved. On our first date, we held hands as Luke prayed over the that Maria couldn't eat because she was too nervous and somewhere between Luke's interview questions and Maria putting cream AND sugar in her coffee our forever started that day. Maria says she felt something in her gut when Luke prayed. The first date continue for 5 more hours... Luke took Maria to his favorite coffee shop, then rode the street car to Union Station. Before the first date was over Luke asked Maria if she wanted to go on a second date....

The Video:

The Vendors:

Ceremony - Briarcliff Church:

Reception - Courtyard Kansas City at Briarcliff:

The Inspiration:

Maria and Luke’s wedding day included perfect weather, a coffee bar and a Tesla getaway car. Each and every detail was unique and resulted in a well-crafted day that was perfectly suited to them.