Jacob I. Shipley

Copywriting Portfolio

I am Jacob. I write copy, make videos and enjoy maintaining the fewest number of Squarespace sites as possible. Upon realizing I could save $144/year putting my portfolio on my side-hustle website.... I quickly took advantage. 

When not whining about Squarespace bills, I'm at work for my alma mater, the University of Missouri, in the marketing departments for the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources and the School of Law. If I'm not in my office, odds are I'm roasting coffee, editing a video or still complaining about Squarespace bills. 

I hope you appreciate the work below and don't hesitate to send me a note with any questions. If you're a fan of the art direction check out the crazy talented Max Mitchem at | (816)536-4138


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Bounty Ad_2.jpg
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Chevy Bolt EV:

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Bolt EV Ad 3.jpg.jpeg
Bolt EV Ad 4.jpg.jpeg